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Discover the Marvelous Isla del Rey in Menorca: A Historical and Natural Treasure

Menorca, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, is famous for its beaches, rich history, and natural charm. Among its many gems is the Isla del Rey, a small islet in the port of Mahón that has witnessed numerous historical events over the centuries. We want to highlight it as a NUMA Signature Essence. Therefore, we will explore the fascinating history and wonders offered by Isla del Rey, a visit we highly recommend to complement your stay at our hotels in Menorca.

How to Get to Isla del Rey

The Isla del Rey is located in the port of Mahón, the second-largest natural port in the world. The island can be accessed by boat, with regular transportation services from the port of Mahón. The boat trip is an experience in itself, offering impressive views of the port and the city of Mahón.

NUMA Signature Recommendations:

- Take the boat early in the morning to enjoy a quiet visit and avoid the crowds.

- Combine your visit to Isla del Rey with a tour of the port of Mahón for a complete experience.

The History of Isla del Rey

The Isla del Rey, also known as Illa del Rei, owes its name to the arrival of King Alfonso III of Aragon in 1287, who landed on this islet during the conquest of Menorca. However, the island’s history goes back much further, with evidence of Roman occupation and remains of a 6th-century paleo-Christian basilica.

NUMA Signature Recommendations:

- Explore the remains of the paleo-Christian basilica for an immersion in Menorca's ancient history.

- Learn about the strategic importance of the island in the wars and conquests that have marked the region's history.

The British Military Hospital

One of the most prominent features of Isla del Rey is the old British military hospital, built in 1711 during the first British occupation of Menorca. This hospital, one of the first of its kind in Europe, was used to treat soldiers wounded in the many naval battles that took place in the Mediterranean.

It is a NUMA Signature choice because:

- Visiting the hospital allows you to step back in time and understand Menorca's importance in maritime and military routes.

- The hospital has been partially restored and converted into a museum offering a fascinating insight into 18th-century military medicine.

The Isla del Rey Hospital Foundation

Today, the Isla del Rey is managed by the Isla del Rey Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting this historical heritage. Thanks to the foundation's efforts, numerous restorations have been carried out, and guided tours are organized to allow visitors to learn about the island's history and secrets in depth.

It is a NUMA Signature choice because:

- The foundation organizes events and cultural activities that enrich visitors' experiences.

- Participating in a guided tour gives you a deeper understanding of the island's history and significance.

The Isla del Rey is a must-visit for any visitor to Menorca. Its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural activities make it a fascinating destination. Complete your visit with a stay at our hotels, where we guarantee a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Images: Daniel Schäefer Photo 

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