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Spring in Menorca

Morvedra Nou and Amagatay have opened their doors and with it, the arrival of spring. Some people prefer Menorca only in summer, but we guarantee you that the island has its charm during all seasons of the year.


In spring, Menorca wakes up from its winter slumber and transforms into an island full of life. The sun begins to show itself more frequently and temperatures rise, still pleasantly cool. The air is filled with the aroma of flowers, and the sea breeze becomes calm and warm. It's the perfect time to enjoy a springtime beach walk or a day of sightseeing around the island, as it's not too hot and the countryside is beginning to bloom.

The weather is usually pleasant, with temperatures around 20°C. A swim in the sea is more than possible!

In summary, in spring Menorca is a delight for the senses and here we offer you some perfect plans to enjoy during the spring.


Visit the beaches

Menorca boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, which in spring are much quieter and more accessible than in summer. You can enjoy the white (or red to the north) sands with wonderful walks and refreshing swims in the crystal-clear waters.

Many paths such as Macarella, Punta Nati Lighthouse, or Favaritx Lighthouse are still open to private cars.


Spring is a time of change. The days begin to lengthen and this gives us the opportunity to enjoy different sunsets.

We have the last chance to see the sunset over the sea from the Binibeca or Binigaus blowhole. On the other hand, from mid-April onwards, we can see the sunset again from Cala Morell or Cavalleria Lighthouse.

From Easter onwards, many beach clubs open their doors and, being the beginning of the season, you can enjoy them quietly without the summer crowds. At Morvedra Nou, we have a lounge bar where you can enjoy one of the best sunsets over the Mediterranean while sipping a refreshing cocktail.

Discover the history and culture of the island

Menorca has a rich history and culture reflected in its monuments and historic buildings. Walks through the historic districts of Mahón and Ciutadella, discover the Menorcan traditions of Easter, and contemplate the processions with their music and religious songs.

You can enjoy the spring season at the emblematic Teatre Principal de Maó, the oldest opera house in Spain, which also hosts the Menorca Jazz Festival in spring.

In addition, Menorca Talayótica has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't miss the opportunity to discover historic monuments such as Sa Naveta des Tudons and some prominent taulas, such as Torralba den Salord or Son Cartlar.

Local experiences

Many traditional crafts are still preserved in Menorca. From fishermen who set out early in the morning with their boats to artisan cheese producers. Throughout the year, Amagatay and Morvedra Nou organize experiences for you to experience the most local Menorca.

Discover how marés stone, known for its light tones, is worked in the Líthica quarries or in those of the Barranc del Rellotge.


Menorca is a very green island with many rural areas worth visiting. It has a large number of paths and trails that traverse its landscape, allowing you to enjoy the blooming forests and fields.

With the mild temperatures of spring, you can hike a section of the Camí de Cavalls, a 185 km trail that runs along the island's coast, passing by fifty coves and many points of interest without the stifling heat of summer.

At this time, it is also advisable to visit natural parks such as the S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park.

Enjoy local cuisine

In April, many restaurants begin to open and prepare for the new season, so it is essential to take a gastronomic route around the island. Menorca has a varied and delicious cuisine that includes typical dishes such as lobster stew, oliagua, or the famous Menorcan pastry for sweet lovers.

During Easter, formatjades de brossat, round tarts filled with a mixture of fresh cheese and lemon, are very typical. It is also well known for its cheeses and wines, so you cannot miss trying some of these local products.

We recommend Morvedra Nou and Amagatay Menorca as two restaurants where you can live a unique gastronomic experience for all five senses.

Yoga and Mountain Biking Retreats

If you're looking for an even more enriching experience in Menorca during spring, don't miss the yoga and/or mountain biking retreats offered by Amagatay Menorca and Morvedra Nou. Over four days, these retreats give you the opportunity to disconnect from routine and immerse yourself in the Menorcan nature while practicing yoga or exploring the island's trails by bike along the famous Camí de Cavalls. It's the perfect combination to rejuvenate body and mind while connecting with the island's natural surroundings.

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