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El Confidencial Vanitatis: Brand-new hotels and timeless restaurants await.

Let's talk about serene luxury. Let's talk about Menorca and its most charming establishments, like the Amagatay Hotel.

Opened in April of this year, Amagatay is one of the most delightful hotel surprises of the season on the island. This charming rural hotel is located on a gentle promontory, amidst a beautiful 19th-century agricultural estate. The landscape and natural surroundings couldn't be more typically Menorcan. A sea of olive trees, holm oaks, and stone walls extends, imposing and relaxing, in front of the main house of this fabulous hotel complex. It is also adjacent to one of Menorca's most emblematic talayotic sites - Torralba d'en Salort. It's impressive to think that more than 3,000 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of the island chose this particular location to establish one of their main settlements and places of worship. The magic and tranquility of the place are felt in every corner of the hotel.

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