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First In: Amagatay, sublimated Menorca (Condé Nast Taveler)

It is easy to say something as attractive as “Amagatay, sublimated Menorca”. It is easy to find the gimmicky headline, but the other thing is more difficult: that there is not mere clickbait in it, but pure truth. But that is not our task, but rather that of the creators of this hotel whose name means “hideout”, rather “hidden place”, in Menorcan. And that is Amagatay: a refuge that sublimates everything that we have once – and so many times – wanted to feel in Menorca. Outstanding nature, sea and countryside cuisine with its intricate simplicity, Mediterranean life without fuss, quiet, calm. Cicadas and lobsters, siesta and jogging, greens and blues, sun and Tramuntana.

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