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First In: Cesar Lanzarote unique retreat (Conde Nast Traveler)

César Lanzarote: An Undeniable Gem in the Numa Signature Hotel Collection. This boutique hotel is the very essence of exclusivity and sophistication. It's much more than a mere acquisition; it's a passionate tribute to the island of Lanzarote and the incomparable César Manrique.

Every corner of César Lanzarote reflects a profound connection with the land and culture of the island. From the vineyards surrounding the property to the orchards supplying the kitchen, this refuge is an authentic experience of Lanzarote. At César Lanzarote, guests can immerse themselves in the true essence of the island, enjoying the tranquility and beauty that only this volcanic land can offer.

This destination goes beyond a simple getaway; it's an invitation to live and feel the authentic Lanzarote: sea, volcanoes, nature, and the enduring legacy of César Manrique. César Lanzarote proudly stands as one of the crown jewels of Numa Signature, a testament to their commitment to excellence and authenticity in hospitality.

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