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Traveler. The best hotels in Menorca. Morvedra Nou

From the creators of Amagatay comes, just a few weeks apart, this accommodation where luxury also embraces the rural. A 75-hectare estate near Ciutadella, the beautiful city on the other side of Mahón where hospitality is not as abundant, is the perfect place to disconnect and experience the tranquility of the Menorcan countryside.

The spaces at Morvedra Nou have been carefully designed, just like those at Amagatay, by Virginia Nieto, who has left her mark on every detail of the rooms, ranging from junior suites to deluxe suites and the jewel of the house, Morvedra Signature, with a private pool.

Juanjo López, from La Tasquita de Enfrente, also doubles up as a culinary consultant. Success is guaranteed.

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